Three Steps to Clear Infection in Chronic Sinusitis and Cystic Fibrosis

Once upon a time, actually in the just passed century, if you got a sinus infection, you took an antibiotic and you were cured. “But that was long ago, in a time far away. ” from the song. Bacteria Resistant … read more


TINNITUS: The Whole Person Program – Relief of Ringing in the Ear

TINNITUS: The Whole Person Program:  Relief of Ringing in the Ear   The key to tinnitus relief is to engage the entire person in a program that changes the  ringing in the ear circuits. In order to engage the whole … read more


What is the Best Solution for Irrigation?

Which Solution Should You Use for Sinus Irrigation? What is the best solution for irrigation? If you search the literature on nasal irrigation you will find hundreds of articles on using various solutions discussed. The differences are based on the … read more


Let me count the ways for snoring relief

If you can count, you can get find snoring relief. There is a misconception that I see in the popular magazines. They write that simple snoring is a form of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.(OSA). This is a serious mis-information. You can … read more


Allergy? Flu? Sinusitis? How to tell the difference.

How to tell the difference and the best way to treat it… Sniffling, sneezing and wiping your eyes? You might assume you have a cold…but not so fast. These symptoms can also come from the flu or allergies…from something that’s … read more

Stress Management

Sinus Help for Sandy Victims. Advice and Help for Sandy Victims

Many multiple elements from the Sandy disaster combine to make for an increase in sinus problems: • Getting wet and chilled. In normal circumstances becoming wet lowers normal resistance to sinusitis and respiratory ills. In normal times even a short … read more